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*hanaha* bags andart are inspired on nature, animals and plants. They are hand made and sewn/painted together with great care and attention. 

I was born in 1977 in Shimane, Japan. In 2000 I graduated at the Tama Art University in Tokyo. *hanaha* was started together with my younger sister, however at this moment I work just by myself. In 2008 I moved to the Netherlands. 

*hanaha*, what does the name stand for? 'Hana' represent the chinese character for flower and 'ha' that of leaf, both of which characters are part of my and my sisters name.


1977       島根に生まれる

2000    多摩美術大学卒業

           菓子メーカーにてパッケージデザイン業に携わ                る

2002     *hanaha*を立ち上げ、バッグ制作を始める。


           営しています。二人の名前の漢字を一つずつと                  って花葉→*hanaha*です。

​2008    オランダに拠点を移す。

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