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Last February, I participated an Indonesian batik workshop at Taman Indonesia. It was really great experience for me. Not only learning how to make batik, but also I could meet very enthusiastic and creative ladies there. One of them was Shuen-Li Spirit who was the instructor at the workshop. She is from Singapore, via Bali and moved to the Netherlands. We have many common points. We are Asian, create artwork on the cloth and the most importantly... we are dog lovers!

Shuen is full with the ideas and energy. She suggested me to hold an exhibition together. Yes, why not? After the long journey of searching for the place, it is decided to be at Het Koetshuis in Steenwijk where is actually I regulary go with my daughter for a nice cup of coffee and cake. Very kind owner and cool atmosphere.

The exhibition will be January 2020. The details will be announced in the near future.

They are the batik art of Shuen...

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While ago I saw about T-shirt yarn and quite curious about it. I am a beginner of knitting ... What can I make with it without knitting? Then I noticed that it’s the season of a door curtain! The weather is getting better so nice to keep openIngo the buck door but want to avoid the bugs entering inside of the house... How about making door curtain with it? You see often a door curtain or tapestry which are made of rope(macrame) but with T-shirt yarn must be possibly I thought.

I ordered some T-shirt yarn ...

Checked the internet how to make ...

Let‘s start!

I wanted to make knots more but here is a tall person living so...

This I is it ✨

I also made a dream catcher for my daughter.

Then I want to make a basket for her bike...Then I need to learn knitting💦

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Last month, I participated a workshop of Indonesian batik. It was at Taman Indonesia zoo and the instructers were two enthusiastic ladies Sabine and Shuen.

This was one of the Sabine¨s batik collection.

Sabine brought her great batik collection. I really liked this one especially the snake. So I decided to use a snake motief for my design.

Skeching the image...

The design is decided then it was the time to practice the special pen which is called Tjanting. Put some hot bee wax in it and draw on a cloth but it was quite difficult...

After some practice, drawing on a cloth. I was actually quite nervous and sometimes forgot to breeze.

Finished drawing!

Then time to give some color!

This pic is from Taman Indonesia´s instagram

Use many water and put the colors. The colors were so vivid and beautiful.

After painting, dry the cloth and iron it with peper. Then wax melt and is abrorbed by the peper and the batik is finished!

I learnd many things on this day but most inportant things are ...

  1. Limited time is not an excuse.

  2. Don´t be lazy to use painting.

Thank you for this oppotunity Sabine and Shuen, I am verry happy to get to know you.

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