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Exhibition with Shuen-Li Spirit

Last February, I participated an Indonesian batik workshop at Taman Indonesia. It was really great experience for me. Not only learning how to make batik, but also I could meet very enthusiastic and creative ladies there. One of them was Shuen-Li Spirit who was the instructor at the workshop. She is from Singapore, via Bali and moved to the Netherlands. We have many common points. We are Asian, create artwork on the cloth and the most importantly... we are dog lovers!

Shuen is full with the ideas and energy. She suggested me to hold an exhibition together. Yes, why not? After the long journey of searching for the place, it is decided to be at Het Koetshuis in Steenwijk where is actually I regulary go with my daughter for a nice cup of coffee and cake. Very kind owner and cool atmosphere.

The exhibition will be January 2020. The details will be announced in the near future.

They are the batik art of Shuen...

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