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Handmade jewelry of Yuka-san

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Before my birthday (February) my husband told me that he wants to give me a jewelry😮✨ Of cours I could let him to choose something for me but this time I had a certain idea. I wanted a jewelry of Yuka-san!

Yuka-san is from Japan, via Italy and Finland now working as a Jewerly designer in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a small country but she lives far from my place. Still I was lucky enough to get know her through Twitter.

After some e-mail discussion with her, I choose the design. She made it with the image of my family: my husband, I, my daughter and Luigi(our dear dog).

After a few weeks, I received a post!

and open it...!

Lovely isn’t it!? I’m really happy with it.

That bug on my neck is a tattoo sticker which my daughter got at a supermaket 😅 Sorry if you don’t like the diving beetles 💦

Thank you for this pretty,delicate, beautiful and unlike necklace Yuka-san! I will treasure this for the rest of my life ✨

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