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Textile Art Expo

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I was planning to hold an exhibition for a while and it is finally happening! I am glad to announce that the ¨Textile Art Expo by Kayako Ishikura¨ will start at 14 July at 'Het Koetshuis' in Steenwijk, the Netherlands and it will be on display for two months. I will exhibit new textile art pieces which were made by combing several techniques, expressing various themes in nature. Lino prints on fabric sets an abstract organic environment, in which detailed applique and embroidery of animals, plants or flowers may come to live. 'Het Koetshuis' is a cozy and stylish cafe where you can enjoy nice cup of coffee, lovely homemade cakes making it a great place to experience my art.

There are more historical spots to visit in Steenwijk.

Market square in Steenwijk.

Rams Woerthe is a very beautiful Art Noveau style villa which is called ¨Downton Abbey in Overijssel.

You can have a look inside when it is open or take a stroll in the beautifull park.

An antique store which is called Spijkervet stallen is a unique place which is used to be a horses stable. The boxes are now rented individually creating a market of little stores covering various interests.

If you would like to have dinner I recommend Bovenmeester - housed in an old school building - offering a wonderfull dining experience.

I hope you will have a chance to visit my exhibition!

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